Bob Colling Jr. & Austin Skinner are joined by Dallas Gridley to relive the WWF, starting with the very episode of RAW and work their way forward. Join their journey!

Bonus Episode #20: WCW Starrcade 1994

September 3rd, 2020

LISTEN UP BROTHER! ICOPOD is back with some WCW action and boy is it a good one... well... a good one if you like bad wrestling shows! Starrcade features WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan taking on Vader, Nasty Boys squaring off against Harlem Heat, Jean Paul Levesque battles Alex Wright, WCW TV Champion Johnny B. Badd defends against Arn Anderson, Sting meets Avalanche, Mr. T in action against Kevin Sullivan and in the HUGE main event that everyone wanted to see... WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan takes on his former best friend, who betrayed him at Halloween Havoc and was a heel turn that has greatly impacted many children around the globe... The Butcher.


Sit back and listen to Austin, Bob and Dallas try to make sense of this show!


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