Bob Colling Jr. & Austin Skinner are joined by Dallas Gridley to relive the WWF, starting with the very episode of RAW and work their way forward. Join their journey!

Episode #8: WWF RAW 3/8/1993: Martel vs. Perfect

April 1st, 2018

ICOPOD Episode Eight! Some topics include…

- WrestleMania IX hype
- What would you do with Randy Savage in 1993 or later on in his career if he stayed with WWE?
- Bob tells a story about meeting Virgil at a K-Mart in the early 1990s.
- What if Rick Martel and Typhoon formed a tag team?
- Will Austin ever enjoy Tatanka?
- Is The Undertaker overrated in 1993?
- Rick Martel: Enjoyable or no?

Plus, Austin and Bob discuss everything that happened on the March 8th, 1993 edition of Monday Night RAW

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