Bob Colling Jr. & Austin Skinner are joined by Dallas Gridley to relive the WWF, starting with the very episode of RAW and work their way forward. Join their journey!

Episode #12: WrestleMania IX!

April 29th, 2018

Episode #12: WWF WrestleMania IX!

Austin and Bob discuss all things WrestleMania IX! How does it hold up some 25 years later?! Is it as bad as the experts claim? Join ICOPOD and leave your thoughts on the show! Some matches covered include…

- WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defending against the undefeated Tatanka
- WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defend against the Mega Maniacs, Brutus Beefcake & Hulk Hogan!
- The Undertaker battles Giant Gonzalez
- Mr. Perfect squares off against Lex Luger
- Crush looks to settle his grudge with Doink the Clown
- WWF World Champion Bret Hart faces his biggest challenge in the form of Yokozuna!

Plus the WrestleMania debuts for the Steiner Brothers, Headshrinkers, Razor Ramon and Bob Backlund!

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