Bob Colling Jr. & Austin Skinner are joined by Dallas Gridley to relive the WWF, starting with the very episode of RAW and work their way forward. Join their journey!

Episode #12: WrestleMania IX!

April 29th, 2018

Episode #12: WWF WrestleMania IX!

Austin and Bob discuss all things WrestleMania IX! How does it hold up some 25 years later?! Is it as bad as the experts claim? Join ICOPOD and leave your thoughts on the show! Some matches covered include…

- WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defending against the undefeated Tatanka
- WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defend against the Mega Maniacs, Brutus Beefcake & Hulk Hogan!
- The Undertaker battles Giant Gonzalez
- Mr. Perfect squares off against Lex Luger
- Crush looks to settle his grudge with Doink the Clown
- WWF World Champion Bret Hart faces his biggest challenge in the form of Yokozuna!

Plus the WrestleMania debuts for the Steiner Brothers, Headshrinkers, Razor Ramon and Bob Backlund!

Episode #11: March To WrestleMania IX Special!

April 22nd, 2018

Episode Eleven! Some topics include…

- Does Yokozuna know English in kayfabe?
- Jeff Jarrett
- Contract signing between Yokozuna and Bret Hart
- Is Randy Savage more than being “just an announcer”? Should he be losing clean to Yokozuna?
- Does Skinner look like Elias?
- Austin goes through the Jimmy Hart and Mega Maniacs promo… Oh boy. Is it the worst promo, ever?
- Shawn Michales threatening to scalp Tatanka… is that a bit much?
- Crush isn’t so good on the microphone.
- Midget wrestling in the WWF…

Plus more!

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Episode #10: WWF RAW 3/22/1993: The Worst Episode Of RAW?

April 15th, 2018

Episode Ten! Some topics include…

- What is the first thing that comes to mind as it pertains to WrestleMania IX?
- Will Austin and Bob manage to get a living WWF performer to perform an opener?
- Why does Austin love the feud between Kamala and Kimchee?
- Observer Notes and House Show rundowns
- Are the Nasty Boys are the dumbest tag team in the history of professional wrestling?
- Austin and Bob review the March 22nd, 1993 edition of Monday Night RAW!

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Episode #9: WWF RAW 3/15/1993: Welcome To Poughkeepsie!

April 9th, 2018

ICOPOD Episode Nine! Some topics include!

- Observer Notes
- A few wrestlers are making their debuts…
- Two house show cards to discuss and see if you’d go to either one of them.
- The first episode of RAW outside of the Manhattan Center as WWF goes to Poughkeepsie!
- Just how bad is Rob Bartlett on commentary? He’s so bad that Austin doesn’t be realize it’s Rob Bartlett on the show.
- Gorilla Monsoon makes his RAW debut.
- Is it time for Razor Ramon to turn face?
- Has Bob fallen out of love with Bob Backlund since his Royal Rumble performance?
- Nasty Boys and the Headshrinkers have a food fight in the main event.
- All this and much more!


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Episode #8: WWF RAW 3/8/1993: Martel vs. Perfect

April 1st, 2018

ICOPOD Episode Eight! Some topics include…

- WrestleMania IX hype
- What would you do with Randy Savage in 1993 or later on in his career if he stayed with WWE?
- Bob tells a story about meeting Virgil at a K-Mart in the early 1990s.
- What if Rick Martel and Typhoon formed a tag team?
- Will Austin ever enjoy Tatanka?
- Is The Undertaker overrated in 1993?
- Rick Martel: Enjoyable or no?

Plus, Austin and Bob discuss everything that happened on the March 8th, 1993 edition of Monday Night RAW

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